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Theblip | 06:53 Fri 25th Sep 2020 | Media & TV
53 Answers That’s the woman who apparently wanted to escape the spotlight. Do you think “ah, how sweet of her” or do you think “how deluded has Meghan become now?” ?


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I think they're quite interesting. Like watching a slow motion car crash. You post whatever you like, Blip. (Like Mozz does)
07:28 Fri 25th Sep 2020
11,10 , How come you know so much about B/S Mozz . Did you invent it ????.
The reason I 'picked on you', Mozz, is that you've posted at least one thread about Ginge & Whinge. ;-)
//The reason I 'picked on you', Mozz, is that you've posted at least one thread about Ginge & Whinge//

Guilty as charged Spicey. I'm not even a royalist, I just don't think they deserve the abuse they seem to get.
//How come you know so much about B/S Mozz . Did you invent it ????//

Nope, self taught from reading your posts.
I will let you have the last word then Mozz , as I do with all females ..
//as I do with all females//

Strange you seem to think that being female to be an insult Gully. Showing your true colours I guess.
Question Author
Will you two pack it in and take your argument elsewhere please!
Apologies Blip, no intention to derail your thread. I should learn to ignore him.
I think they wanted to escape the royal spotlight not the spotlight per se.
"She'll be promoting Cillit Bang next! "

Word on the street is that she knocked back the Vanish gig.
President of the United States of America? Oh boy, what an ego!
Brillo, Douglas. You deserve my best answer.
You may be surprised at what I'm going to say, and you may not agree, but I'm going to say it anyway.MM got involved with this because she wanted to highlight that this 'man of colour' was falsely accused of rape. If she hadn't got involved, I for one would know nothing about it, but this is her way of bringing her beliefs to a lot more people. If he had been a white man, she would not have done what she did. If he had been a man of colour but had never had a criminal record, she would not have brought this to our attention. Sorry, but I just had to say what I believe is the truth.
Perhaps it's all a cunning plan to bring the colonies back under royal rule.
What man of colour, Barsel?
Wrongly convicted of rape, Barsel, not just "accused". Served 36 years (!!) in prison before new evidence proved his innocence.
spicerack, the man she is talking too. Ken, I said falsely accused of rape.It has nothing to do with his crime, what he did or how long he served, I am saying she would not have done this if he had not been a man of colour.
Sorry Ken, Yes, falsely convicted of rape.
Theblip - // Let's not forget this is a little-known actress who succeeded in seducing a prince. //

You are assuming that the popular media perception is based on facts.

In at least one instance it is not - Ms Markle was not a 'little known actress' - she was a major character player in the US drama series Suits which ran from 2011 - 2019 - 134 episodes, and she was in 108 of them, giving her a high profile and and eight-figure bank balance.

The wording of the phrase 'succeeded in seducing a prince ... ' infers that she was successful where loads of other desperate women failed, and she was the desperate woman who succeeded, and it was the ticket out of her boring drab poor life.

That is clearly not the case, but it does create a possible inaccurate impression that the world media in general and the UK media in particular , have built on to the point where she is perceived as the scheming power behind the couple.

That may be true, but then again, it may not, and if the media is as accurate with its 'scheming harridan' as it is with its 'minor actress' nonsense, I think we should all be reaching for the salt and not judging reports of people we don't know, from people who don't know the couple.

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