Unveiled Love And Timeless Love

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cliffyg | 15:25 Sun 13th Sep 2020 | Media & TV
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these two films on channel 326 and 325 seem to have the same plot same cast but different title


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It happens sometimes. For example that Tom cruise film had different title depending on where it was released
It's not uncommon for movies have different titles in the UK and the USA or elsewhere but I suspect that you're simply looking at a keyboard error by whoever entered the programme details into whichever TV guide you're looking at.

Assuming that you're using Sky's channel numbers (as each TV platform uses its own numbering system), Channel 326 is simply the time-shifted ('+1') version of Movies 24 which is on Channel 325. So they're bound to be showing the same movie.

Further, while IMDb recognises the existence of at least two movies called 'Timeless Love', and of several movies called 'Unveiled', there's no listing for any movie called 'Unveiled Love'. So it must surely be a simple typo!
Alan Bennett’s play, ‘The Madness of King George III’ was shortened for its film release to Just ‘King George’ because it was feared the US cinema audience would reject the film because they hadn’t seen the Madness of King George, and the Madness of King George II.
it was called the madness of king George I think

The play was the Madness of King George III

The film dropped the III because nobody had heard of the first two movies.
this may be the Timeless Love

but it has a different Rachel from the link you posted
it was just The Madness of George III originally. They needed to add "King" to make it clearer. I suspect Americans have heard of King George as he was the one they beat to gain independence.
An example of what Buechico mentioned at 2223 was the release of an hilarious star-filled comedy many years ago. In the US and Canada, it was named "The Wrong Box"; in the UK is was named "The Tontine".
sanmac, I've just looked up an original 1966 British review, and it was called The Wrong Box there.
Really, jno, well I was sure that I had read or heard sometime ago that there were two different titles for the same movie. Anyway, it was a hilarious movie when I first watched it back in the late '60s; however, I watched it again about ten years ago and thought about how one's sense of humour changes over time.
I saw it again last year and still liked it. It's very silly.

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Unveiled Love And Timeless Love

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