W W T B A M.....

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ToraToraTora | 10:49 Sat 12th Sep 2020 | Media & TV
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well the questions fell well for the £1m winner bloke. I knew most of them including the £1m question.
Question Author
did you notice Jezza choking up at the end? wonderful moment!
I think I might have got which pirate got hanged in 1718.

in Judith Cappell one millioner - I deffo wdnt have got where is duffel of duffel coat fame?
Just watched this, as my missus recorded it.
Incredible how the questions fell for him - 3 lifelines left as well.
old £1m questions

I think they've got easier. The only tricky one this week was about the longest celebration. Twenty years ago at least half of them would have been tricky, including the ITV soap questions.
Would have been able to answer the million pound question but would have had to use all my lifelines long before that.
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I got 6/10 in jnos link
9/10 on that link but I'd forget my own name on TV,well done the winner.
I got 8/10 but I'd remembered a couple from the original show and I think we all know the googol one! Even if i were 99.999% sure I'm not sure I'd be willing to risk it at £1m though!
Hopefully popular 'culture' questions like reality TV have had their day, good to seem some proper general knowledge questions.
I got 8/10 in junos link .
7/10 - annoyed because I thought I knew the satellite one and then panicked and tried to be logical instead - the instinctive answer was right of course. :(
I wouldn't have got the million! He was a nice bloke, I was pleased for him. I thought he looked like a fatter Donald Pleasance, the actor and funnily enough, his name was Donald.
zebo, I think some of the pop culture questions were ITV advertising - there were questions about Corrie but never about East Enders, as I recall.
He was a good guy, a worthy winner with plenty of general knowledge but he didn't quite know everything. In the question where he went 50-50, he described Hanukkah as the Jewish New Year when it's the Festival of Lights. The new year is Rosh Hashanah.

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W W T B A M.....

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