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Ken4155 | 23:53 Tue 01st Sep 2020 | Media & TV
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There are at present 2 seasons of this series, each consisting of 8 episodes, and over the last 3 nights I have watched the entire first series and episodes 1 - 5 of the 2nd series. I will, in all probability, watch the remaining 3 episodes of season 2 tomorrow evening. That ought to tell you just how highly I rate it. In my most humble opinion, it is on a par with - and not dissimilar to - Homeland. No doubt many of you will have seen at least one of the Jack Ryan films and I can honestly say that the small screen version is just as well acted and produced. A third season has already been commissioned.


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Thanks for that Ken. Will certainy have a look at it.
"certainly" !
My OH thoroughly enjoyed this series. Not really my cup of tea, although strangely, I am enjoying Condor.
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Just read the Condor synopsis, Rocky. Will most likely give that one a whirl when I've watched the last 3 episodes of Jack Ryan. Love the fact that because of the rampant advertising on American tv, most of their dramas are just 45 mins long. Means you can cram a few more in before bedtime :-)
Love Jack Ryan.... eagerly awaiting season 3!
ken,saw your post,had a look,now i'm hooked. thanks
I thoroughly enjoyed my binge of the 2 seasons of Jack Ryan & will have a look at Condor soon.
Just curious what other people thought of Person of Interest, imo the 3rd best thing on TV

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Jack Ryan - Amazon

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