Is There A Scarves Social Statement ?

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HansUrbancka | 15:56 Fri 28th Aug 2020 | Media & TV
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We see a lot of Presenters on Outdoor TV Programmes who are wearing, specially knotted, loose fitting scarves.

What is the significance.? Is there any relationship to Rainbow patterned ties.



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the significance may be that it's got chilly lately and they need to protect their throats when they're speaking. Or perhaps, after the cameras are switched off, they go out together and strangle puppies with them, who knows.
I mean I know we get odd questions on here......
Are they wearing them instead of masks?
Do all these scarves look the same...pattern, colour etc?
What is this special knot?
The social significance is they don't want cold necks. Which side are you watching? Never seen that nor indeed rainbow ties

Nothing to do with keeping warm...simply a fashion statement, and not only on the box. I've seen people round here wearing a loosely-tied scarf and T-shirt.....simply daft fashion.
What I've found intriguing is the fashion for attractive female news ladies to wear coats that have a pair of large buttons more or less in the position of their nipples. I may be weird, but I always notice it and find it disturbing.
I have a book entitled, '50 Ways to Wear a Scarf'.
Hans you've cracked it. If the scarf is knotted to the left they are single and waiting for you, if its knotted on the left then they are taken. Knotted in the middle means they're batting for the other side, tied around their head.......they're not fussy as long as you have Gin . :-)
Buttons are used because press-studs could cause unpleasantness. :-)
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jno.....Weather conditions appear to be disregarded because I have seen them worn with summer clothing. Phillip Serrell on Barging Hunt appears to wear such scarfs irrespective of the prevailing weather.

woofgang. It is an odd question to which I do Not know the answer. Hence the reason for my asking. Obviously you are as wise as I am on the matter.:-

pastafreak...Answers to your questions......No.....No.

Tilly2... Only one end of the scarf is on view, the other end appears somehow to be wrapped up around the neck of it's wearer.

bednobs....If the scarf wearers did not want cold necks they would not wear them so loosely. Rainbow ties are worn by ....(If I say I might be attacked in this thread by Rainbow ABers)

Sipowicz....Perhaps our next poster, gingejbee, is on the right track.

gingejbee....Best answer so far.

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you have answered your own question Hans....its a fashion.
Been around for some time this way of wearing a scarf.
It's folded in half and ends put through the loop. Keeps scarf round neck with no ends dangling.
Even I do it in mid winter!
It's an image thing. Scarves 'dress' the neck. So do ties, but to wear ties you need to wear a properly-structured shirt. Shirts, I dare say, come over as too formal in the circumstances you mention. Vicious circle. T-shirts are too informal, so you need a scarf to dress them up. Looks odd without a jacket, so the lesson is to take the scarf off when you take the jacket off.
I don't think scarves look odd without a jacket.
I love scarves, summer and winter. I have loads. Nothing to do with keeping warm, except for the cosy Winter ones.
I have a huge collection of scarves, and I'll wear them in almost any weather. They've been in fashion for fact I don't think scarves go out of fashion.
There’s also a code when wearing a denim jacket. Both top pocket buttons fastened = straight / one buttoned one not = Bisexual / both undone = gay.

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Is There A Scarves Social Statement ?

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