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jobjockey | 20:56 Fri 21st Aug 2020 | Media & TV
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Lovely hands and nails of the injured
garage mechanic in the hospital scenes.


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I was thinking that myself!! Never seen a days work!! Her hands were better than mine.
Psst - I don’t think she’s actually a garage mechanic, I think she’s an actress.
Yes, i always wonder why Corrie allow her to have perfect red nails, i know shes an actress but she should look in character.

As well as being a mechanic Abi is supposed to be a bit of a *** so she wouldn't bother with her nails i don't think.
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I normally notice things like that, but didn`t this time. Corrie don`t usually slip up with the details do they ^^
Perhaps she whears gloves. Heavy duty, of course!
Perhaps she wears gloves. Heavy duty, of course!w
If she was injured at work surely her hands would have been greasy, and even if the hospital had cleaned her up they surely would not have painted her nails bright red! They would probably have been chipped too.
It is la-la land where anything is possible.
As soon as I saw those perfect red nails, I thought 'not the hands of a mechanic!!'. Not thought out Corrie ...
I imagine her hand would have been bruised and swollen too yet she was using her fingers ok when she read the card from her kids.
I still can't get over those veneers she had done
she lives with "Tim" in real life !
^Lucky lady. He's gorgeous!
Purist - thought that was 'Eileen' not 'Abi'??
It's a feature of any drama, film or television.

Watch Django Unchained, and see every single slave has perfect finger and toe nails and hands and feet unblemished by anything approaching a day or two out in the fields.

Similarly any down-and-out character usually has clean hands and nice nails - it's just something we have to gloss over as viewers.
My sister in law managed to renovate her old farm house more or less single handed including demolishing walls and also tackle rebuilding the garden walls. She always looked perfect and beautiful as did her hands and nails. I could never work it out!
I was surprised to see her painted nails and makeup on after her operation as I thought you had to remove these before going down to theatre, but even more surprising was the morphine in the open medicine cabinet that she was able to take. Yes, I know it's a soap, but to me, it makes the programme laughable.
Totally agree Barsel, no way would an unlocked drugs trolley be left unattended.

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