How Long Does It Usually Take Youtubers To Edit Their Video's?

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Lombax | 10:44 Mon 17th Aug 2020 | Media & TV
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And how long does it normally take them to find backgroundmusic?


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You've asked something similar on a few other threads Lombax if you want to check back. Hopefully some regular creators of youtube videos will see this but I doubt there are many ABers who do this
The answer - how long is a piece of string!

It depends on the video - some might just need the star and end trimmed, others may need multiple clips combined.

Some editing programs have background music, other royalty free music can be found on the internet.
yeah I was gonna say if you do a lombax look-back
you will see this has been asked before
by you !
I'd like to ask you a question Lombax - how long is it going to take you to respond to all the answers you have had for your 38 questions asked?

Some response to those trying to help you would be greatly appreciated.
Four weeks. Ten minutes. (or it may be the other way round, I don't really remember).

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How Long Does It Usually Take Youtubers To Edit Their Video's?

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