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andy-hughes | 14:59 Sun 09th Aug 2020 | Media & TV
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Just watched Ten Little Indians with Shirley Eaton.

I wonder what it's like going through life being that stratospherically attractive?

I just found myself gazing at her and thinking how perfect she was - and even now in her eighties, she is a stunning woman.

The notion of attraction intrigues me - any thoughts?


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As the saying goes, it is all in the eye of the beholder.
Wasn't she the one killed in Goldfinger by being smothered in gold paint?
^ Yes.
Beautiful people don't always perceive themselves to be beautiful.

Shirley hasn't acted for fifty years but her image is still so strong.
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Mamya - // Beautiful people don't always perceive themselves to be beautiful. //

That is absolutely true.

At a theme park with my family on Friday, I noticed a woman who was very attractive, but clearly knew it. Everything about her appearance, the way she dressed, and moved, and generally presented herself shouted that she knew she was attractive.

I find that level of insecurity a little sad - but as you say, some people carry their attraction as a banner, others as a burden, and some are just not really aware of it.
It’s a personal and undefinable thing, attraction.
I went through a phase where Robbie Coltrane was my number one fancy.
Most peculiarly, Phillip Glenister does not set my heart aflutter but Gene Hunt has a very positive effect on my flutter gland!
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I understand completely jake.

I spend any available time gazing on still or moving images of Liz Hurley, because I think she is a living work of art.

Less understandable perhaps to a lot of people, is my crush on Ruth Langsford, who I have always liked for reasons I cannot define.

As I said, attraction is a wonderful thing - it would not do for us all to love the beautiful, those of us not sprayed with evolution's cologne would stand no chance of finding love in the world.
I think you will find Margaret Nolan was painted in gold for the film Goldfinger
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gollob - // I think you will find Margaret Nolan was painted in gold for the film Goldfinger//

Ms Nolan appeared painted gold in the publicity shots for the film, and had a role as a masseuse in the fim, but I think it is Shirley Eaton who appears in the film painted gold - and dead.
Although she didn't live to be old I used to often wonder the same about Marilyn Monroe.
I think Marilyn generally had very low self esteem, which is sad.

I'm sure the industry did nothing to relieve that.
I totally agree with that, Mamya. Just a money maker for the film studio's.
So true Tony.

Back to Shirley for a moment, here she is getting her paint job.
Some great pics there, Mamya ( I wouldn't have minded doing that paint job, would have made a change from codge job cars ) ;-)
it's a dirty job........
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TTT - // it's a dirty job........ //

It is, and the guy who did it had to pass an audition as well.

His initial interview was at Pinewood Film Studios, and he was told he was successful, and could attend the audition, and he was given a train ticket to Newcastle-on-Tyne.

He asked why he needed to travel all the way to Newcastle, and was advised that that was where the end of the audition queue was!!!!

Eye thenk yaouuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shirley certainly was and is incredibly beautiful. So unfair!

I do often look at attractive women and think “She’s only got two eyes, a nose and a mouth, like I have. How did hers get to be placed in such a pleasing arrangement?” Again, unfair. I demand a refund!
I'm sure you too would look fetching when dipped in gold, Cloverjo!

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