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tiggerblue10 | 16:15 Sat 08th Aug 2020 | Media & TV
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I never watched this when it was originally aired but have watched all 7 seasons on Prime over the last 2-3 weeks. Highly recommended if you haven't seen it.

I like Elisabeth Moss is great in it and I have started re-watching Handmaids Tale.


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I read your title as Mad Mum.

I will have to start using my glasses more.
I loved Mad Men and watched a lot of it when it was first broadcast and then it was bought up by Sky I think and I couldn't watch the remaining series. I think it may be on Netflix now. Thanks for reminding me of it.
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Not sure if it's on Netflix Rosie, but I watched it all on Prime.
One of my favourite series of all time, I just love the characters and the sets. Roger Sterling is my favourite and I also have a soft spot for Ken Cosgrove and wish he got more screen time.
Must be me but switched off after the first four episodes. Took a while to realise that I was put off by all the smoking. Made me feel queasy. I know that smoking was commonplace in that time but really put me off.
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I felt similar with Peaky Blinders with all the smoking but glad I stuck with it and it's now one of my favourite tv dramas.
P B was excellent- and so don't think I even noticed the smoking.
What does disturb me is in old b and w films - doctors puffing away in consultations or at the bedside. Eek !
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There was a lot of smoking around babies and children in Mad Men and I've seen it in other shows set in earlier times. Do they use real cigs or some kind of prop?
I seem to remember reading once that they used 'herbal cigarettes' in Mad Men.
I didn't watch it when it aired but binge watched it about 18 months ago and loved it. I became an Elisabeth Moss fan after that and then watched Handmaid's Tale :)

Arhcibaldy - agree Ken was a great character
Bakers - there was a lot of smoking - but not just because of the era but because the cigarette company were one of the ad guys bggest sponsors and the cancer vs business (and money for (m)ad men) topic was a feature early on in the show

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