A Touch of Frost (Spoiler)

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coyn | 08:18 Mon 28th Nov 2005 | Media & TV
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In the Last episode of ATouch of Frost when he gets stabbed does he die or what?


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He looked alive and well to me.
That was ages ago, well at least two months. I cannot remember but he was sure to of been alive. Remind me of the episode. Was it the one with the dog that got stabbed?

He didn't die.If i remember rightly he was wearing a stab proof vest.


Sorry what i also meant to say funnywebsite was the episode was about a woman & her daughter attacked in their house.The woman ended up dying.Her ex husband was 1 of the suspects & Frost wasn't too sure about the local priest who we find out later was having a relationship with the dead womans sister.
I sort of remember an episode about a priest. I remember the one where he got stabbed but he was wearing a special vest that could be the one coyn is talking about. He won't be dead because they are always making new series.

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A Touch of Frost (Spoiler)

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