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Caran | 23:22 Sat 18th Jul 2020 | Media & TV
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Coloured lady gave birth to baby in a car after a crash. The baby came out spotless, not a trace of anything connected with his birth. Also he looked quite white!
How long has Jan been gay in the series? I've never noticed it before.


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In my experience most black babies are very pale skinned at birth.

With these type of programs I don't think we're meant to think too hard.
Ummm is right but in case you are interested that have been real life instances of black ladies giving birth to white babies. One lady had twins, one white and one black. Genetics is a fascinating subject
that must have been something of a surprise. ^^
Many years ago, the wife of a friend of mine gave birth to a black baby. Both parents were white, so what is the first thing that anyone would think of about the father? In this case, the husband walked out of the hospital and was never heard of again. His wife was absolutely adamant that she had not been with anyone but her husband. So I suppose there are genetic "throwbacks" where these things could happen.
Maybe the baby's father was white? Jan has always been gay, it just has never been the main storyline. Who knew that Lev was also gay as his past was unfolded. Exciting times ahead when his wife finds out he's looking at gay dating sites on his mobile.
Casualty delves too much into the lives of the staff. It should be concentrating on patients.
Why? I haven't watched it for many years but would think that both patients and staff are fair game for any drama occurring.
I was so sorry to see Charlie return.
Hes past his sell by date, and as the highest paid actor, needs putting out to grass.
We never saw the baby's father in the programme ,did we? That must have a bearing on the situation.

Jan's character has always been gay and her partner has appeared in the show before.

It was good to see Charlie relinquish the management side to concentrate on patient care.
yeah I thought she has stolen it and stuffed it up her doo-dah, (or perhaps down)
and the health staff didnt notice
it was a draymer you know
What is a draymer?
A beer wagon?
oh god
ok punters
in the given article did any one spot NAACP - the pressure organisaiton in the Land of the Free ?
C is for - - - ter daah colored

n 2008, its communications director Carla Sims said "the term 'colored' is not derogatory, [the NAACP] chose the word 'colored' because it was the most positive description commonly used [in 1909, when the association was founded]. It's outdated and antiquated but not offensive."

so you picks your source and takes your choice

I asked someone and got
British Afrocaribbean
( I did say god it is a bit long and was told nevr mind)
draymer - watch the program and you will see ,,,,,,

and who skewered my prince harry thread pray? it is all over p 14 of the times I read
drama - drama keep calmer - takes breath - - - - in - -- - oui
All this over a telly programme - gracious me.
And not relevant as per usual.

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