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knockavacca | 14:39 Tue 14th Jul 2020 | Media & TV
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can anyone here suggest a SIMPLE tutorial to firefox browser please


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Here's the official info:

However most browsers follow the same general ways of doing things, so switching from another browser shouldn't be particularly difficult. Here are a few tips from me anyway though:

1. Although most options, etc can be accessed by clicking on the three lines at the top right, I'm old-fashioned enough to want to see 'File, Edit, View, History, etc' appearing at the top of a window. If you feel the same way, right-click at the top of the page and put a tick next to 'Menu Bar'.

2(a). As with most other browsers, you can bookmark a page by pressing Ctrl and D together. Alternatively you can simply click on the star to the right of the address bar.

2(b) To view all of your boookmarks, and to sort them if you want to (e.g. by putting them into folders), press Crtl, Shift and B together. Double-clicking on a bookmark will go to the relevant site.

2(c). To access your bookmarks, simply click on 'Bookmarks' at the top of your page (assuming that you've added the menu bar up there) or press Ctrl and B together.

2(d). To place your most-frequently visited bookmarks across the top of your page, start by right-clicking up there and putting a tick next to 'Bookmarks Toolbar'. Then, when you're viewing a site that you know you'll want to get to often, drag its favicon (immediately to the left of its URL in the address bar) onto the bookmarks toolbar. (If you want to edit how it appears, right-click on it and select 'Properties'.

3(a). To carry out a web search, simply enter your search terms into the address bar and hit Enter. Firefox uses Google by default but you can change that, if you want to, by going to Tools > Options from the menu bar (or by clicking on the three lines and selecting Options), clicking on Search and then changing the Default Search Engine.

3(b). I prefer to have a dedicated search box available next to the address bar though. To put one there, right-click next near to the top of the pade and select 'Customise'. Then drag the search box up to the right of the address bar. The advantage of having it there is that, when you enter a search term, you can choose whether to search Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Chambers Dictionary, Wikipedia Amazon or eBay, saving you the trouble of going to those sites.

4. Go to Options (either from Bookmarks on the menu bar or via the three lines) and explore what you can configure from there. For example, by default Firefox save all downloaded files to 'Downloads' but I prefer to use the option whereby Firefox always asks me where to save a file to.
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thanks to you both for your help
buenchico very grateful to you for that great help fantastic cheers
Thanks, K.

Minor typo though. My final paragraph above should read "4. Go to Options (either from Tools on the menu bar or via the three lines) . . . "

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