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bednobs | 18:24 Wed 24th Jun 2020 | Media & TV
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anyone else watching this? I'm finding it weirdly fascinating


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Yes, I am watching it. It's a fascinating place to visit .... but I wouldn't want to live there.
I meant to watch this and then forgot all about it.
Worth a watch on catchup then Bednobs?
Yes have watched it all, I am totally mesmerised - it's like living in a real life fairytale country. You are the first other person I've known to be watching it, everyone I've asked isn't.
It's very busy, so I don't find the place terribly 'fairy tale', Prudie ... apart from the Pink Palace perched high on the hill - which really is like something out of a fairy tale.
I didn't really mean in appearance but the way it's run and controlled by their Royal family and certainly all those given the opportunity to speak in the programme come across as very loyal subjects indeed.
I wouldn't want to live there either, far too cramped.
It's a brilliant system - absolutely brilliant, Prudie. It's inhabitants are very well cared for. Capitalism at its very best!

That said, I wouldn't want to live there either. Far too flashy for me.
Oops! I've just realised I've said I wouldn't want to live there twice. Oh well. I wouldn't. :o)
What struck me when I visited was how many defibrillators there were at regular intervals on the footpaths, obviously the elderly wealthy have a few cardiac issues!
I’ve been there recently. I liked the park. The town shops were not much different from elsewhere. The museum and jack cousteau centre were impressive. The fancy boats bobbing about looked picaresque. I could only afford to visit, but that’s enough.
watching? I'm in it nobs!
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oh, you're so anti-british TTT :)
yes, its fascinating....the Prince seems very bound up in his duty. I feel sorry for him.
Yes I've watched some of it. I agree, weirdly fascinating is a good description. The people living there seem to be enjoying it so good luck to them.
Not for me though, too hot, too busy and too flashy.
Yes watched it from the beginning, find it very interesting, plus it's an easy programme to watch, the Royal Family come across as caring and loyal too. Last weeks episode re the reclaiming of land to build on was excellent. I now know how to spend the millions that I am going to win on the lottery soon hehe.
What I find interesting is that outside of the family, there's not a lot of taste shown in the way that the money is spent...or maybe the REAL wealth there doesn't want to be on TV? The food for the Red Cross banquet looked very so-so and the tag thing about being served a dessert with gold leaf on is not that special either. Both Amazon and waitrose sell it, its about 50p per serving.

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