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chessington | 04:21 Mon 22nd Jun 2020 | Media & TV
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Loved the new series 3 but it was a bit different to the other two but cannot put my finger on why? Anyone else feel the same/ TIA


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haven't watched it yet, is it worth a punt..
It certainly wasn't as punchy or riveting. I'm hoping it gets its mojo back in series 4.
it was a bit different
I did not enjoy it as much as the other two
I think there was too much sentiment in it compared to the other two and a lot of filling time with pointless scenes or extended scenes which were not in the others either
I watched from Series 1 late having seen the rave reviews and after 1 I thought it was very samey, I was disappointed with the whole thing. 3 I had to force myself to watch almost. Is a Series 4 going to happen?
I didnt enjoy it after series 1. Mr M has watched all of the series but from what I glanced of the most recent episodes, it seemed all a bit pointless.

Lets hope they call it a day now.
Should have ended after season 2.
Lost the plot (if it ever had one) in season 3.
Series 3 had a new writer and I think it showed too.

A fourth series has been commissioned.
"The first series had Phoebe Waller-Bridge as the head writer, while Emerald Fennell took over for the second series. Subsequently, Suzanne Heathcote was the head writer for series three and Laura Neal will follow through as series four's head writer." (Wiki)

For me, series 1 (Waller-Bridge) was outstanding, series 2 was still good, but series 3 left me bored of both Villanelle & Eve. Carolyn & Konstantin were much better value & Fiona Shaw (Carolyn) was my highlight & kept me watching.
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thanks for all replies, I know I will still watch series 4, kind of has me addicted lol, even though I agree with the replies about samey etc
Yet to watch series 3..
I think it's become a bit of a 'cartoon' - but I like it all the same.
Me too, Naomi.
Ive enjoyed everything about it, differences and changes too.
Jodie Comer is very, very special, amazing, and for me, makes the whole thing.
I loved the first series and the second was ok. I didn't quite know what to make of the third. Great acting as usual by the main cast but storyline was a bit dull for me.
Vagus, she really is superb.
I really like don't want Killing Eve to end.

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