Just When Yasmeen Was About To Plead In Corrie

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iluvmargie | 14:32 Tue 09th Jun 2020 | Media & TV
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It went off - arghhhhh! Hope that creep Geoff gets his comeuppance soon.


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What do you Corrie fans think?
I think Sally and Tim will see through Geoff. Poor old Yasmeen.
I think Sally has already seen through him.
Question Author
I think Sally already has, buy Tim obviously needs a bit longer! Yes, she's certainly gone through it.
Hopefully Alya made her think, she appeared to remembering his cruelty as she stood in rather dock
I hope the filming was completed before lockdown so we find out before too long. There can't be many episodes left. Maybe it'll change to once a week soon.
Question Author
Snap danny!
Question Author
ff - I'll go mad if we don't get a result soon, I sincerely hope lockdown doesn't get in the way.
Question Author
Yes Bobbi, Alya is doing her level best to help her Gran, bless her.
Margot //By the end of the year//
That is definitely not soon enough.
Question Author
That seems an awful long time to wait, hoping it was nearer than that.
I think the timeline has been altered by the lockdown
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Lol snap again danny!
hope sally finds the camera in her bin
I thought it had already been emptied
Bin men have already collected the rubbish.
I can guarantee Geoff will get his comeuppance eventually because this is Corrie and the baddies always do. I can guarantee it won't be anytime soon because this is Corrie. We are only at the plea hearing. Is Yasmeen pleads not guilty it will be ages until the trial
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If the police ever do decide to examine his laptop, they will definitely find evidence on there, despite the fact that he has deleted it. It will be able to be retrieved from the hard drive (I read police novels)!

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Just When Yasmeen Was About To Plead In Corrie

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