Ambulance 4Th June

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chessington | 08:27 Sat 06th Jun 2020 | Media & TV
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This always makes me cry, the poor lady who lost her son aged 12 from suicide, she had an ambulance for a fall she had but talking of her past and drinking due to losing her kids and a baby 2 hours old she lost in the past, my heart was breaking, it was sad too when they showed 2 NHS workers at the end who died from covid 19.


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I have enormous respect and admiration for the ambulance workers but I hate this show with a passion.
I really like this show, its both uplifting and depressing in equal measure.

I was speaking to a Paramedic over a year ago who said he was going to be on the next series but so far they have only shown 'Northern' hospitals and we are in London. But keep looking out for him.
It's a very real and moving look at what goes on - all human life and death represented.

Never miss it even though I too end up in tears.
I would not be happy if a camera crew turned up with the ambulance after I made a 999 call. I know all those who are shown on tv consent but I still think it intrusive. I have watched three episodes.
In one I doubt very much the patient had the mental capacity at any time to give proper consent to the footage being shown on tv.
How people can 'enjoy' watching other people's fear, pain and sometimes abject misery is beyond my comprehension.
'Enjoy' is not perhaps a term I would use, so much of what we see on our screens is shocking,brutal at times and grittily real - we can choose the realism sometimes and learn from it.
Life is realistic enough for me, Mamya, without watching it on tv. The news and current affairs does me for reality tv. I prefer my drama to be fictional.

I can't help feel there is something very voyeuristic about shows like Ambulance.
I feel much like you Barry, especially now. I don't want to watch television about hospitals and ambulances, etc. There is enough of that on the news every day - too much in my opinion.
I think you could say that of all 'behind the scenes' programmes, perhaps there is a voyeur in me as well as a keen interest into human nature and all that it entails.

I'll take that.
I honestly feel some people enjoy watching doom and gloom.
The moments in that particular programme I enjoy are the ones when a life is saved, as this week or someone gets the help they need and have gone without for years.

Also the pleasure that the lonely derive from some kindly caring words from those attending their call for help and the incredible camaraderie of the colleagues in the call centre and on the Ambulances.
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I never once used the word enjoy watching, just see it as an eye opener into what the NHS do every day, the amount of calls they respond to and what goes on, they are amazing ALL of them and I like to see a happy ending with the patients but quite often has me in tears
i can;t watch i find it uplifting yet sad at the same time.
so i give it a miss.

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Ambulance 4Th June

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