Omg Possible Spoiler Corrie Tonight!

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ladybirder | 17:54 Mon 01st Jun 2020 | Media & TV
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I've just read in the Radio Times what happens in Corrie tonight, concerning you know who!!

Can't wait. IF it happens!

Hee hee.


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Digital spy makes it seem another few episodes before you know who really gets just desserts..
Question Author
OK Vagus, perhaps tonight's attempt fails. I hope so.
Did it happen?
No. But the hint that something may unravel. I just hope they finished the filming for this story before the lockdown kicked in
They are starting to film again very soon but not with the older cast members which means GeoffGate may be a while yet :0(
i read it goes on till Christmas ,hope not ,
It's getting on my nerves now, another chance missed over the computer - why didn't Alya find it or the police? If I have to look at Geoff's smug face one more time I swear I'll scream!! How on earth will they ever find out what he's been up to? (I know it's not real before anyone says btw).
Watching Classic Corrie makes you realise that the fun has been taken for today’s episodes in a big way
I thought the camera was well hidden! Surely someone would have seen it where it was?
I thought that too Kathyan, it was just sitting on a shelf. How stupid.
What did Yasmeen think it was when she did her meticulous cleaning?
Question Author
Yes, what I was referring to, and dreading, did happen, Geoff removed the camera.
I guess all is not lost because he dropped the deleted stuff into the Trash and didn't empty the Trash Bin so it will sit there for a while depending on how long it is set to remain before it empties automatically. Then again, any good IT person would be able to find it even if he had emptied it so we're back to square one again really. Christmas it is then - sigh!
I think either Tim or Sally will find it in the bin, but Geoff has already told Tim he was using it in case they were burgled and I expect he told the same to Yasmeen so she probably knew it was there, but there's no way the police would have missed it if they were searching the house. Although, I don't know.:-( They should have taken his laptop but they obviously didn't.
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His laptop will probably be his undoing, in the end, I would think. But who knows. We have to wait and see.
Someone is bound to go through the bin for something they threw away.
the damn bin was emptied last night grrrrr
//// the damn bin was emptied last night grrrrr ////

..... but we all know how far fetched some of these story lines are. My prediction ..... some random tramp will be wandering around the landfill site, amongst the hundreds of tons of rubbish and he'll miraculously stumble across the "evidence". He'll then take it back to his mansion and play it back on one of his many laptops, whilst lounging by one of his many swimming pools .... everyone will think that Geoff is about to get his comeuppance ...... the tramp will hunt Geoff down to confront him with the evidence and it will turn out that they're long lost brothers ..... and they all lived happily ever after ...... and the story line will drag on forevermore ......
lol gizmo haha

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Omg Possible Spoiler Corrie Tonight!

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