Play Your Cards Right- It Does Seem That A Half Hour Friday Night Programme

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gollob | 18:49 Sun 31st May 2020 | Media & TV
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with a master compere can turn into a one hour Saturday night show with a fifth rate comic. Has TV gone that far backward. and it looks like there is even more to follow


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It's lazy programming.

ITV have yet to discover a decent game show format, mainly because a large part of their viewing audience is too young to remember this kind of entertainment, and doesn't actually like or watch quiz shows like this, so no change there.

However, ITV is banking on enough of an audience of a certain age who may like the nostalgia of an old, but safe format revived, with a modern compere to theoretically ' refresh' it.
I couldn’t bring myself to watch it
Wasn't that an ancient quiz show? I'm glad I gave up on a TV licence.
I am firmly in the 'nostalgia' age group ITV are aiming for, but I never liked the show first time round, I'm unlikely to want a warmed-up leftovers version of it.
Me too Andy but not keen on the compère so it’s a Nono here
Was it nice to see it ?
I couldn't watch it either for similar reasons
Bullseye was so bad it was good:-)
I quite liked Bully haha
1980 apparently. It was Bruce Forsythe, so that would explain why everyone feels a bit nauseous...
I'll respond, johnny- "yes, to see it nice."
(Actually didn't watch- didn't fancy it.)
Those who love Bullseye will get your chance to view.

// Play Your Cards Right, Take Your Pick, Strike It Lucky, Bullseye, and The Price is Right.//
Not with Jimmy Carr, no thank you
Ya' can't beat a bit a' Bully
here they are they're so appealing
com on Dollies do your dealing
Alan Carr, shurely?

I agree though. :-)
Used to love Brucie, but no way would I watch Alan Carr, just not funny imo!
You need a good compere to make a show popular and Alan Carr is certainly not that compere.Can't stand the man.
If Alan Carr was on my street, knocking on doors and giving free £50 notes away, I wouldn't answer the door. The mere sight of the man sets my teeth on edge and when he opens his mouth...………….aaaarrrrgggghhhh!
As for Bully, try watching from the first series. It's excruciatingly bad and even Jim Bowen recognised this later on. However, it did improve as the format was tweaked in later series. It actually became compulsive viewing in my house after a few pints on a Sunday afternoon:-)
My favorite game show from this period was 'Wheel of Fortune'

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Play Your Cards Right- It Does Seem That A Half Hour Friday Night Programme

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