The Golden Girls

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jennyjoan | 19:40 Fri 22nd May 2020 | Media & TV
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A re-run during the day - just love them. At the moment the only programme I actually laugh out loud. Everything great about them. Fashion, comedic timing, great scriptwriters and all in a half an hour.

I tape them during the day and then laugh at night.


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I used to love them too Jenny- what channel are they on ? ( I don't have Sky).
Jennyjoan must be busy so I will jump in and say it is on Channel 5. Funny how women sharing a house to save money had such extensive wardrobes!
LOVE the Golden Girls! Which channel?
Oops! Thanks Pooka!
Thanks Pooka - yes - agree about the clothes !
Channel 5. A double bill on Monday starting at 12:15pm. :-)
Is that from episode 1?
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sorry - I have just seen the recent posts. To be a bit macabre LOl - my mother died in 1983 - and somehow Golden Girls started in (I think 1985). Tried to watch the TV in living room whilst brother snored his brains out on sofa. God I wish that man "dead". I couldn't hear.

Remember those days so well - however I am deaf (says all those "oh no not again LOl) - so there were no subtitles - so am so enjoying all the subtitles and the inuendoes (sp LOl) -
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^^^^ whilst they were a little older at the time - I followed and wore the colours of their clothes and was complimented at that time and many years later - my friends have told me now - they thought at that time - my colours were "wired-up". But I got away with it. LOL

my oh my - my favourite colour at that time - was yellow and pinkish.

I've been watching them too, love this series, I can identity my friends with the three 'younger' women, the serious one, the dizzy one and the 'active' one.

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The Golden Girls

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