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NickorWan | 14:33 Tue 12th May 2020 | Film, Media & TV
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I watched The Darkest Hour on BBC IPlayer the other day, which I really enjoyed, particularly as VE Day was fresh in my mind. Every time I see Gary Oldman in a film, I marvel at how he embodies the character, and how different that character is from other ones I’ve seen him take on. Rather like the great Daniel Day-Lewis. He must be one of our very finest actors wouldn’t you think?


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He is a true chameleon and it's at times staggering how he becomes the character he's portraying, all awards for Darkest Hour fully merited.
I watched this film too. Was never an admirer of Churchill, thought of him as a warmonger but Gary Oldman seemed to have the character off to a tee.
Absolutely, he's been a favourite of mine for years :)
Whilst I like GO I really dislike DDL and will not watch anything with him in it
"thought of him as a warmonger " - really maggie, really? Dunno if you know but there was this chap called Hitler who was the war monger and he started it. Gawd help us!
Maggie - // Was never an admirer of Churchill, thought of him as a warmonger … //

Why do you perceive Churchill has a 'warmonger'?
I think Churchill was more of a warrior than a warmonger. He thrived under the pressure of wartime.
I will concur on Gary Oldman though, he's a massive talent.
Really good question ∆∆∆∆∆
John Lithgow was a great Churchill in The Crown.
Theland, as a Albert Finney in The Gathering Storm.
He's very versatile. Loved him as Sid Vicious as well as other roles.
Robert Hardy didn't make a bad fist of portraying Sir Winston Churchill either. imo
I watched a Canadian film production entitled Dieppe and now have it on DVD.
Alas,it didn't get much of a showing in the UK but the typecasting was fantastic. Churchill,Ike, Mountbatten and Monty were portrayed by dead ringers. It was a little uncanny. :-)
Gary Oldman was amazing as the detective in Leon, a complete amoral reptile, which he played to perfection.

It was all summed up in the way he contorted his body to show and amphetamine rush - fantastic skill.
Andy has got there before me. One of my favourite films.
Leon... with Jean Reno, Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman as a psychotic police detective.............


He's a bit like Michael Keaton and Ralph Fiennes too in that he plays a vast variety of roles - superbly. Great actor.
he's a great actor .his sister Leila morse is in eastenders
i too watched it, and thought what an amazing take on the great man.. it was thought provoking and i was
impressed with the overall production
Leon is a brilliant film.

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