The Big Night In

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KUSTARD | 09:18 Fri 24th Apr 2020 | Media & TV
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When watching this last night I was very concerned to see Peter Kay who is my favourite comedian. He didn't look well and sounded a bit muddled. Does anyone know if he is ill?


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Didn't he withdraw from the public eye because of personal issues? Maybe his health was part of that.
I totally agree. I was wondering if it was part of his act or if he really wasn't himself. He didn't appear in the actual sketch either, it was the old recorded one.
No Mozz, he always said at the time that 'family come first', so I imagine it was some family issue.
He looked as though he was shielding from sunlight. His voice had a weakness to it. I hope he is not unwell.
I think the press have been very understanding and not pried into Peter's issues. I think he'll continue to keep an extremely low profile
Thank you Anne. I'm not much of a fan to be honest, I was just working from memory :o)
mr mally and I said the same ,hope he isn't ill x
well - - when Laura Kuennsberg noticed that sort of at work- she stuck her paw up and ... said
" Prime minister you look as tho you are infected - have you had THE test?"
and he did and he was

Peter Kay had to abandon a tour innit when even his ardent fans said each show guaranteed different - wasnt.
I think Peter Kaye is amazingly talented and wish him all the best.

I do hope that he will come back to us in his usual chaotic but tightly controlled manner. I laugh 'til I cry when I watch him. Brilliant man.

He certainly was not the Peter we know at all.

Well done to him for appearing at all.
He didn't look or sound like his normal self.
I wish him all the best and hope that he is back to normal very soon ( very funny guy ).

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