The Joy Of Painting

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Bazile | 12:40 Thu 23rd Apr 2020 | Media & TV
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I love watching this programme

I really envy the way Bob Ross could create and bring to life the subject of his paintings

My type of painting

Anyway if you're interested there is an episode on BBC four tonight at 1900hrs

It's one of his best known works - the majestic snow covered mountain


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There's a lot about him on Youtube, including many lessons/examples.
Weren't most of them majestic mountains ?
I only noticed a couple of days ago that he was on BBC4 every night at seven. Used to watch him a lot when my late father was around as it was one of his favourite programs and we both used to watch it. Very good paintings.
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I only noticed a short while ago

I've been watching the programme on one of the satellite channels

He did specialise in certain subjects
This is a short story about the guy himself

Sorry he just uses formulas and A set of techniques to produce decorator pieces

The shows were made to promote sales of his paint and brush range on the basis you buy my stuff you can paint just like me... And guess what you can.
I enjoyed it nevertheless. It was calming and inspirational all at the same time.
Yep, very simplistic stuff.
Art it is not....popcorn for the eyes
some of it's really good - the way he conjures a path out of nothing with just a few strokes: it was a lesson to me on what the eye will see as a path. The trees are bog-standard, all alike, and the mountains don't look great at all. But I wouldn't mind being able to paint like that. It's not like anyone's going to be comparing him with Rembrandt.
He usually had a happy tree
Rowan. isn't art like music? You may not like something but that doesn't make it bad.
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I don't give two figs why the show was created or whether it is in some peoples eyes not "art"

What matters to me is - does it interest me - and it does

Might have a look at that tonight, sounds interesting.
He brought a lot of people some calm,peaceful enjoyment - not a bad legacy to leave is it?
If he leds people to original creation then that would be a legacy.
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//...But I wouldn't mind being able to paint like that...//

Likewise , jno

Two other things that I would love to be able to is to speak another major language and also to play the piano
perhaps if you learnt to play the piano in Italian?

A friend of mine planned to learn to play when he retired, but shortly after he did he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. The moraal is probably not to wait if you want to try it.

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The Joy Of Painting

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