Repair Shop Fans Mend It For Money

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barry1010 | 10:50 Tue 14th Apr 2020 | Media & TV
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The new Channel 4 series that started last night, Mend It For Money, was recommended to me by my smart tv as I am a fan of The Repair Shop.

I watched the last half hour but wasn't impressed. I found it lacked the charm of The Repair Shop and was more money orientated than skill focused. There are already similar shows such as Find It, Fix It, Flog It and Money for Nothing. I don't think it deserves a prime time slot and won't be watching again.

Did anyone else see it?


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Yes I didnt like it at all .I had wondered how long before The Repair Shop was copied .It is the same with everything .Cooking,Pottery,Painting,etc .I will stick with the non profitable Repair Shop .
After watching the trailer for this programme I realised it was a straight copy of The Repair Shop which I have watched from the beginning, I therefore did not bother to watch it. I have watched The repair shop since it was transferred to BBC1 and have noticed a change in presentation. Previously the "meeting and greeting" was a small part and they concentrated more on the skills of the repairers, now the emphasis seems to be more on the sob stories of the visitors and the skills are pushed to the background. I just wish the BBC would have left the programme as it used to be.
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I agree, Vulcan. I’ve watched The Repair Shop from the beginning and really enjoyed the emphasis on the skills. The programme is now longer but seems rushed and there is less detail of the repair work.

Patsyann, would you like to be told how much the repair would have cost? I’m not sure that I would but would love to know how many hours each repair took.

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Repair Shop Fans Mend It For Money

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