The Cheating Major..

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Spicerack | 20:30 Mon 13th Apr 2020 | Media & TV
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[email protected]:OO tonight
Could be good.


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Giz //Yea it was - I remember it, 'cos i knew the answer :P// That episode was never broadcast.
21:31 Mon 13th Apr 2020
Yes, it's on for 3 nights
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Someone here said they found out what a googol was from watching quiz shows. Wasn't that his million pound question?
Yea it was - I remember it, 'cos i knew the answer :P
Me and the missus are wondering if they'll get anything from this??

I'm hoping not, but if someone was making a TV programme about me and I stood to gain nothing, surely I'd be able to stop it??
So long as the TV show doesn't break any law e.g. by slander or defamation, I doubt they would need permission from any of the protagonists in the events they are dramatising nor would said protagonists be entitled to any sort of fee.
Giz //Yea it was - I remember it, 'cos i knew the answer :P//

That episode was never broadcast.
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Are you sure about that, Jo. Can't remember that.
//// That episode was never broadcast. /////

.... I remember the question when all the scandal came out .... the show (or parts of it) must have been broadcast at some point, cos when the million pound question came on, I remember shouting out that answer was a googolplex before the answers were shown. Googolplex wasn't one of the possible answers, but googol was ..... then I remembered a googolplex is the number one followed by a googol of zeros.
If you go on to YouTube and type in the “coughing major” there is an hour long documentary all about the episodes. It shows how they became suspicious and how they isolated the coughs.

It’s very good.
Possible Spoiler -

Chris Tarrant have an extended interview in The Times, and he said he was disappointed with the way the drama gives a soft option on whether or not the parties involved were guilty or not.

Mr Tarrant pointed out the the major was completely clueless in the dummy rehearsal rounds, and was veering towards several wrong answers and then suddenly changing his mind to the right ones, right up to the final question, which he was poised to get wrong, and again, inexplicably changed his mind to the right answer, which he had not even considered.

In MR Tarrant's view, the involved parties were all as guilty as sin - it remains to be seen if the drama portrays them as such.
The Major appears to have been bullied into it.
roy - // The Major appears to have been bullied into it. //

Are you making that observation based on the drama, because, it is, as advertised, a drama, with no requirements in terms of accurate portrayal of what went on.
Admittedly I've only been giving this episode about a third of my attention but how on earth did all 3 people from the same family manage to get on in the first place? Back in the day I've lost count of how many times I phoned in to try.
I wonder if this is based on the James Graham play Quiz which premiered in Chichester in 2017 then moved to London. I saw it at Chichester, and at the end they took a vote from the audience. They also then displayed the results of earlier votes, and the range of results was quite astounding, rating from well into the Guilty end to well into the Not Guilty end. The vote at the one I saw was marginally Not Guilty IIRR.
The Major was bullied into it.

The Major appears to have been bullied into it.
I'm recording this I'm looking forward to watching this.
I think they had some input - I saw an interview with whoever played the wife, and she said she'd met them.
Why do you think that Roy?
I think my moment in the spotlight was missed by most. You just managed to see my right shoulder in the scene in the canteen lol
I don't.

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The Cheating Major..

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