The Nest - Beware Potential Spoiler

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naomi24 | 22:13 Tue 31st Mar 2020 | Media & TV
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Is anyone watching this?

What is going on with her?


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Yes, watching this, but not sure where it's heading. Kept wondering how Kaya (?) got back to the lochside house from her new job in the bar in the centre of Glasgow.

Funny that Martin Compston has been ridiculed in some media about his Scottish accent, and he was born and brought up in Greenock, not far from Glasgow! I think the problem with it is that he's trying to make it stronger, as he's meant to be from the east end.
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He picked her up - and the next time she got a cab.

I have to keep stopping it and asking my husband if he knows what they're saying. I find them very difficult to understand. Authentic is fine - until it goes too far.
Subtitles Naomi ? If you don't mind them.
Do any of the characters get more likable in the second episode? It is a hard watch when you don't like any of the them.
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I never think of that, Rosie. Must try harder.

Nick. I quite like the husband. He seems to be the only sensible one there.
Sensible maybe, Naomi, but he still gives off a bad smell as regards his business ventures. It really is one of those series where I have very little empathy with any of the characters, yet enjoy the viewing.
I'm intrigued by it; I think there is something we dont know about the couple's relationship, and plenty we dont know yet about him and his business.

We have to watch with subtitles too!

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The Nest - Beware Potential Spoiler

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