How Silly Is Coronation Street ?

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SparklyKid | 10:45 Sat 29th Feb 2020 | Media & TV
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Last night Geoff killed, plucked , gutted and roasted a two year old Light Sussex chicken with not a trace of a feather left ?

Must have taken less than an hour whilst Jasmin slept.

I kept chickens for years and what Geoff did cannot be done. Also, a 2 year old hen needs boiling for 5/6 hours.


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You're obviously doing it wrong. Write to Geoff, he'll put you right.
One thing I’ve always wondered: is Coronation St one-way?
The thought of watching someone plucking a chicken for 2 hours takes me back to 1950s TV, watching the "Potter's Wheel" interlude.
and referring to emmerdale
i was looking forward to Mandy returning but so disappointed with the lines there giving her!
and a stubby torso, big head, big hair, a gravelly voice,shes looking like something from one of the alien films
and marlon the king of overacting..please..
What a horrible thing to do (I know it's not real). I think Corrie is sometimes a bit too twee but this storyline is too far the other way.

Did you eat the chickens you raised, Skid?
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Did try once, even boiled it was as tough as old boots.

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Just for the record I got my chickens from a local battery farm who disposed of them at two years old. Still reasonable layers at 50p each.

More of a hobby and fun for my kids. My 2nd wife was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 23, kids then were 2 and 3. Working full time, wife at Christies, one child with each grandparent.

I had no time to myself or care for the chickens. That was the only time I had no option but to dispose of them.
When things like this happen, my husband and I look at one another and say 'it's a soap'!
It’s a very uncomfortable storyline, and maybe a bit far fetched in places, but believe me things like this do happen to women who you’d think wouldn’t put up with sister for one :(
CS is well past its sell by date - every day and repeated at weekends - give us a break
That is so sad, Skid. One can only imagine how hard that must have been for you. :0(
It happens to men, too, Vagus. This storyline is uncomfortable viewing but the gist of it is very real.
Maybe Geoff pressure cooked the chicken in one of those new fangled machines that also crisps and browns.
CrapAtCryptics, I love the show and it is on three days a week, not every day unless you are counting the repeats. Give yourself a break and watch another channel.
Did he use the chicken along with these ingredients?

dried apricots
crème fraîche
olive oil
curry powder
white onion (or shallot)
red wine
bay leaf
lemon juice
a pinch of sugar
salt & pepper

I know this kind of abuse takes place, but IMO it is even more disgusting when the abuser will slaughter innocent pets/animals to get back at the abusee. The lowest of the low, without a doubt.
The question was,
How silly is coronation street,?
Answer ,not as silly as those who watch it,
Utter rubbish.

What programmes do you like to watch, Jordyboy?
I'm confused, how did killing/cooking a chicken morph into abuse?
Geoff killed the chicken because it was his partner's favourite bird.
I think Geoff was pretending. He may have killed the chicken to spite Yasmeen, but I don't really believe they were eating that chicken.
I hate this gas lighting story, but many have said it happened to them.
No good burying your head in the sand, but most storylines the soaps have are true and true to life.

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