Pointless Celebrities Last Night (25Th Jan)

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sddsddean | 11:15 Sun 26th Jan 2020 | Film, Media & TV
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Did anyone else notice the edit at the end of last nights show? Jo Pavey and Ade Adepitan were the final couple. Now as Ade is in a wheel chair he 'appears' short. My wife said, as the lights went down in the studio, that he was standing up! Quick rewind and in the last shot of the 'contestants' there were two blokes standing there...obviously an edit from a different show! I wonder why?


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A miracle?
That would have to be two miracles, surely, Theland. A woman and a disabled person being turned into two able bodied men.
They must have been Catholic.
Expect a new shrine soon.
Maybe he can stand for a short time? Some wheelchair users can.
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No Darcey, they were clearly not a woman in a dress and a guy with dreadlocks!
He an stand and walk a little. I have seen him on other shoes where he is out of his wheelchair.
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But its not them Carole!
Look at the show from 43 minutes onward
Well spotted.
It is definitely two men in that last shot, and also Richard Osmans shirt is a different colour, on the main show its light blue and on the clip at the end its pink!
Usually at the end of the show the contestants step down from their podium and walk towards Alexander - maybe they have a standby shot for when that doesn't or can't happen.
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Actually they don't. Zander walks to them and sometimes Richard does too. I should know...I've been on it!
All seems a bit pointless now.
I watched two episodes where as Alexander starts to walk to them they walk to him, was but a thought.

I'll shut up as I haven't been on it.
^ That'll be his animal magnetism. :-) ^
They record several shows per day so perhaps they use just one closing shot for all those recorded on that day. I don't know - I haven't been on it.
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They record 3 shows a day Ken, but I have never seen a changed 'closing' shot before.

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Pointless Celebrities Last Night (25Th Jan)

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