Holidaying With Jane Mcdonald And Friends, On Channel 5 Last Night

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DeeLicious | 11:26 Sat 18th Jan 2020 | Media & TV
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Did you notice how Jane McDonald, Greg Rutherford and Angellica Bell all stayed in top 5-star hotels costing hundreds of pounds per night? Can't help thinking they refused to participate unless they were put in luxury accommodation. But Jane McDonald's image has always been a kind of "woman of the people", and how many viewers could even dream of affording such prices? Your thoughts?


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Who ? Oh Bell, I recall her. Wasn't she the lassie on the Saturday kid's (and dad's) programme ?
I think the hotels and resorts want to show the best of what they offer. She doesn't seem to make any secret of the fact that she is staying at the posh end and how much she enjoys it...same on the cruise series....
well check ibis hotels on a weekend not a lot of price difference and the rest in big cities even more than the ones in Romanian
What makes you think 'they refused to participate unless they were put in luxury accommodation'?
A weekend break for 'only' £450/night! As woofgang says, on the cruise show, as she is effectively doing a promo for the cruise line, they put her in the 'nice' the big suite which the likes of us (who love our cruises) can only aspire to, 'cos it costs about 10 times more than a normal cabin!
Any TV series will put up its cast and crew in nice hotels, that is simply the norm.

You can't expect entertainers and professionals working on a series that will bring in serious revenue, and involve high budget shooting expenses, to scrimp on accomodation, it's simply not the way it works.

That would lead to bad tempers, refected in a drop in professional standards and a willingness to work with the company or channel in the future.

I have stayed away on a number of TV shoots as a journalist, and have always enjoyed upper-end levels of hospitality. It's good manners, and it smooths the operation all round.
Th TV company probably gets a hefty discount - I doubt they would have paid full price for the rooms.
"Tell them they can stuff it, I'm not about to rough it in some Granada Ghia, I was Top Of The Pops" :-)
Why anyone would want to watch a programme featuring Jane McDonald is beyond me.
I like her.

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Holidaying With Jane Mcdonald And Friends, On Channel 5 Last Night

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