Susan Calman's Secrets Of Scotland On Channel 5

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DeeLicious | 22:13 Fri 10th Jan 2020 | Media & TV
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What an expectedly superb series. Loved it


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I've been thoroughly enjoying it, as has Mr. J2. For many years I have wanted to 'do the 500 miles'. We are planning this year's holiday and I'm working on him, but he doesn't like 1-night sleepovers. :(

My mum (Scottish)and dad drove up to Wick and I remember her telling me about those cliff steps.

A cracking - and unexpectedly so - programme.
I hope that she didn't go and disturb Nessie.

Wasn’t a fan of hers before this, but it’s excellent and she is brilliant in it
Yes it is, we watched first series and really enjoyed it, so hoped this one was as good and it is. She's quite loud and very enthusiastic but enjoyable at the same time.
Thoroughly enjoying it, as we did the last series - very likeable lady, and has that knack of asking a question and listening for the answer, not like some who seem to answer for the expert on how to do it!
She’s great isn’t she?
According to an article in the Guardian, the locals hate all the problems this 500 miles has brought them with many of the tourists behaving badly.

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Susan Calman's Secrets Of Scotland On Channel 5

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