The Next Labour Leader

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gollob | 17:36 Fri 10th Jan 2020 | Media & TV
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When will they ever learn
Many in the labour party said the reason they lost the last election was because of Brexit and not between parties.
So what do they do -put up 6 candidates to be the next leader and they are all remainers


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That is irrelevant.
Britain will have left the EU by the time the leadership contest is fully underway.
The issue of “not following the will of the people” will by then be dead.
There were very few original “Brexiteers” in the PLP anyway. Kate Hoey was one but apart from the fact she is as batty as a brush, she’s left Parliament anyway.
Lisa Nandy actually voted several times for Theresa May’s deal.
The matter of EU membership has already been decided and as far the the Labour Leadership contest is concerned, is a non issue. We are leaving, and that is that. Past voting history will not come into it.

Much more important is that all the contenders are very very dull and uninspiring. It is laughable that 3 of the candidates are even standing.
I agree with Gromit, if this is the best that the Labour party can offer then the Tories will have a free run for a generation or more.
The favourite Keir Starmer has got to be one of the most boring people ever to sit in Westminster, I've listened to him talk and its enough to send you to sleep!
I one saw Angela Rayner speak and she was very good, but has ruled herself out of the contest.

If your leader is annoying, it does not matter what they say or do, they will never be taken seriously. The Tories found that with Howerd and IDS. The current crop of Labour hopefuls are ALL annoying and unelectable.
I don’t agree that none of them are electable.
A few months ago Boris Johnson and the Tories were supposedly “unelectable”.
And look at them now.
A large factor in Labours election prospects - which don’t really kick in for several years - will probably be how the current government has got on in the intervening time

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The Next Labour Leader

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