Morecambe And Wise On Bbc Now.

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Unsureme | 20:30 Tue 24th Dec 2019 | Media & TV
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The BBC are joking,surely,so dated,just turned it off.


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I never liked them, but I suppose people might be happy to see them on Christmas Eve. Brings back memories.
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They were good 30 or 40 years ago,not now.
same for a lot of comedy, much hasn't worn well.
one of the exceptions could be Only Fools and Horses
Times change but talent remains. Eric and Ernie were absolute masters of their craft but humour has moved on so far that their act does indeed appear very dated these days. Whilst I can appreciate how slick it was, it rarely makes me laugh these days, not helped I suppose by how many times I've seen it.
May be a lot of elderly people who are alone and look forward to them as part of their christmas routine. May bring back family memories to them. Not watching as I've seen them many times before but some people enjoy them again. There's a lot worse on TV this year.
their humour is - - wry

I saw the IRA sketch and wondered that 'they had allowed that to be to put on' fforty years ago- they all turn out to be informers

and thought - God how things dont change - in stead of Irish put ISIS. how much of that is stoked up and magnified today?

[ coupled with the 'oh it is all so so secret' - not because it is - but because they have screwed it up and dont want anyone to know. I live in Manchester - no not very chrissmassy - sozza]
I loved watching them as a kid. My favourite was the sketch with Andre Previn or Preview as they called him ;o))

It is a bit dated but then Dad's Army is on quite a lot as well.
yeah the Andrew Preview sketch is as famous as the dead parrot sketch ( or the Beatles)
We watched it and laughed happily, admiring the professionalism and the reminder of a show meaning a bit of variety. Good fun! I assume that the IRA sketch preceded the outbreak at the end of the 60s. Not a swear word in it again and no nastiness - a pleasant change.
Twenty years from now, we will be watching the Dominic and Boris Comedy.
I haven't read all the posts, but I don't care what anyone else thinks. I think they were absolutely brilliant. Even though I've seen the same things from them over and over I still laugh. Genius in action.
The only sketch of theirs I don't think a lot of is the breakfast one with "The Stripper" being played on the radio.

What makes you laugh is what makes you laugh - whether it's from decades ago or not

Off the top of my head the only sketch of theirs that made me really laugh is the Andre Preview one

There are also other stuff that I watch over and over and each time it remains just as funny to me

For example OFAH , Minder , The Two Ronnies , Blackadder

I would rather watch the old stuff than today's so called comics
It was a damn site better than Not Going Out.
Not Going Out is embarrassing!!
// I assume that the IRA sketch preceded the outbreak at the end of the 60s. //

er no - because it wouldn't have had any meaning let alone humour if there were no IRA gangs
I thought the underlying idea was very advanced - there were no gangs but lot of agent provocateurs just to keep us on our toes - as we also say now ....
I have just watched a wee bit of the programme and I think the IRA could be the original IRA. The programme was broadcast about a week before the October '68 riots in Londonderry so the then IRA would not have been as prominent as it was to become.
Peter is a bit obsessed with the IRA!
Can't say I've noticed.
Funnily enough I saw that IRA sketch and thought “what the hell...!”
Wholly bizarre ...

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