"Hot Gossip" 70/80s dance group on Kenny Everett's Video Show

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javelinpc | 14:33 Mon 21st Nov 2005 | Media & TV
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Who were the dancers in "Hot Gossip"??

I know Sarah Brightman was the lead dancer/singer but who were the other girls ?? Don't worry about the fellas !

If they have a web presence/artists profile online please let me know



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Jane Newman was one of the mainstays, also there was one named Bonita Bryg, I'm not sure whether she was an original member or joined later on though.
Debbie Ash (Leslie Ash's sister) was also a member of the group.
Add Kim Leeson to the list - Kim took over from Sarah Brightman as lead singer.
There were over 40 girls who danced with Hot Gossip before they split in 1986..., Peri Lister, Donna Fielding (The school girl in Walk On The Wildside) Lorraine Whitmarsh, Virginia Hartley, Dominique Wood and Carol Fletcher were the original line up on Kenny's shows. Later girls included,Erin Lordan (sadly died last year),Chrissie Wickham,Jane Newman, Lyndsey Ward,Debbie Ash, Heather Alexander,Kim Leeson,Alison Heirlhy, Laura James, Donette Goddard, Trudy Pack, Penni Dunlop, Heather Robbins,Madeleine Loftin, Debbie Fox, Voyd, Bunty Bailey, Bonnie Bryg, Debbie Astell, Nicky Hinkley and Sinitta, The final line up was Annie Dunkley, Titan Deakin, Amanda Abbs, Frances Wingate, Susie Waring, Lindsey Cole.
Hello guys
ok thats answered my question of who now another question to pose to you
The Best of HOT GOSSIP - Kenny Everett Naughty Bits on dvd when or how can i get hold of it
it features the following songs

1. All Right Now
2. Another Brick in the Wall
3. Control
4. Disco
5. Freezing
6. Girls and Boys
7. Hot Child in the City
8. The Model
9. Walk on the Wildside
10. I Feel Love
11. Starship Trooper
12. Number 1
13. Masquerade
14. Musclebound
15. Obscene Phone Caller
16. Purple Rain
17. Satisfaction
18. Supernature
19. War of the Worlds
20. Money
21. Whip It
22. Tell Everybody

anyone help me
Anyone know where I can get the Kenny Everett shows with the original line up of Hot Gossip in??
Please email if interested in the HOT GOSSIP DVD mentioned above
Sarah Brightman was only in Hot Gossip for a short while and was not popular with Arlene Philips she was replaced on vocals by Kim Leeson. There were over 40 girls in Hot Gossip over the years. Realy the lead everything was the superbly talented Donna Fielding (whoooaaar) who started with Hot Gossip when they were a struggling night club act. She left at the height of there fame to do some commercials rejoined and remained with HG until they disbanded. She then formed Hot for Dogs with Debbie Ash.
A few copies of early Thames shows with the original line up are available from 'thebox' (read the rules first). Hot Gossip did not feature in the BBC shows perhaps being concidered a little raunchy and expensive for 'Aunty Beeb' who settled for a cheaper version. HG embarked on a huge world tour breaking box office records eveywhere pushing the boundaries of decorum and human physiology to the limit. The Very Hot Gossip Show 1982 is available to download and is just a taster of their live act.
Who is Kim Leeson? Is she the hot redhead in the "I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper" video?
Hi there! I really want to know who is the redhead in the "Starship Trooper" music video. You can see her together with one of the blondes (Donna F) just before the first chorus @ 1:19.

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"Hot Gossip" 70/80s dance group on Kenny Everett's Video Show

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