Ncis Is Ziva Stil Alive And If So How?

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rockfordill | 20:32 Tue 10th Dec 2019 | Media & TV
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I see NCIS new season starts in early January and it looks like Ziva is in it - I thought she died
in a bbomb blast?


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What side is it on?

I thought she'd died too but I missed quite a few episodes.
One of my favourites.
During the last series it was hinted that she may still be alive. They came across a cabin she had rented and they were going to clear it out but rent was still being paid. Bishop suspected something when she returned to the cabin and something had been moved and a note said thank you. Then on the last ep of the latest series she appeared in Gibbs' cellar.
Waiting for new series to start in New Year.
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Onev of my favourites too but I get confused withe series, I watch
mostly on Fox but they are all repeats I think. Which channel has the
latest series showing ?
It's not on at the moment. New lot start in New Year.
I think it was Fox showing it that I saw it too. They are quite possibly showing re-runs at some stage leading up to the new eps.
Am a little confused as Woofgang's link show it as being on CBS, but maybe that's just in USa.
Haven't seen the two episodes it refers to. Must look for them.
I've just got it on Amazon. Not sure how many series' there are though.
yes thats a US site.
Ummm. Here in UK and Ireland fox were showing series 16 till recently and the new series 17 is due here in New year but it seems to have started already in USA.
I see the box sets go up to series 16 on Amazon.
Are you planning a binge?
That's a lot of episodes to go through.
New series 17 episode 1 starts on Fox on 3rd January. Yes she's back. Can't wait. Gibbs get better looking as he gets older. That smile is a killer.
Oh great! Thanks BD. Will look out for it in case TV series link doesn't work.
Tell me about it. .. Gibbs.mmm
There are a few series that are coming back over the Christmas period which people might miss. NCIS LA, Hawaii 50 and Magnum all come back on 29/12/19 and Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and NCIS all start again on 03/01/20. I check on 'Geektown UK Air Dates' every couple of weeks and get the new dates. Its very helpful.
that's good to know.
will be looking out for some of them.
must keep a note of that site.
I'm wondering if DiNozzo also comes back because Ziva is going to want to see her daughter.
if you have sky, there is an excellent facility on their website called never miss. You register the series that you want to be told about and they email you around 2 weeks before the new series starts
from what i read, Barmai, he is in just 2 episodes at some stage. Presumably when Ziva gets to see her daughter but it's not clear yet whether they get back together.

Will check out sky. thanks woof.
sorry, barmaid...
blimey I thought she was shot by her evil brother ....

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Ncis Is Ziva Stil Alive And If So How?

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