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SurreyGuy | 23:22 Mon 09th Dec 2019 | Film, Media & TV
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I’ve just binge watched the series and have one question - please see my next post so as not to spoil here.


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What happened to Adam’s two childhood friends?
Now there's a question. Disappeared into the ether I believe. Think that's why there was opposition to the road being built as any evidence would be lost forever.
there is quite a lot about how it doesnt hang to gether
One of them is Max doo-dahs father in Vienna Blood but I cant work out who.

Very early on - when the fella visits the site for the first time he sees a child's watch on the wall of the dig-hut. and we are invited to believe the owner is dead.

the dog at the end is meant to symbolise departed souls

and the girl who has her little friend ( who isnt real) - suddenly from nowhere, an exactly double pops up, who ISN'T her childhood double. She is someone else, a walk-on

so yeah I am not surprise you are confused
PP, Irish actor Conleth Hill played Mendel Liebermann in Vienna Blood and Superintendent O'Kelly in Dublin Murders.
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Peter Pedant - it was a wolf that appeared at the end, not a dog
I understood it at the time but it's all a blurred now. I watched it twice though. My OH fell asleep every time it was I re-watched it with him.

The most confusing bits were about Cas...and her clones.

I think they'll be a second series and we'll all know 100%.

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Dublin Murders - Spoiler

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