Anyone Hear About Britbox

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emmie | 14:45 Thu 07th Nov 2019 | Media & TV
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a collaboration with BBC, Channel 5 i think and ITV
you pay £ 5.99 i believe, doesn't this go against BBC policy.
would you pay for this new service, like Netflix.


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Have heard of it.
As I don't pay for Netflix I can honestly say I'd pay the same for Britbox.
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BritBox, the streaming service from two of Britain's largest broadcasters, will finally launch in the UK by the end of 2019. The service, a partnership between the BBC and ITV, will be priced at £5.99 ($7.50) a month, offering HD video across multiple screens and devices.19 Jul 2019
Never even heard of Britbox until I saw this question !
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seems very cheeky of the BBC which already gets loads of dosh from the licence fee payer of which i am one.
why should anyone pay for their programmes.
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i watched it on this afternoon's news, thought might be worth a question on here.
Just had a look at the link ! Absolutely NOTHING I would want to watch! They would have to pay me to have it !!
I don't think I'll be bothering.

Found this comment in another article.

//Shows are not expected to appear on BritBox until they have dropped off the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4, which do not require paid subscriptions. The BBC was recently given permission to keep programmes on iPlayer for one year.//

Therefore ample chance to see the shows.
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thanks mamy, no i won't be paying to watch, think that BBC have become too commercialised as it is.
If lots of people sign up, they'll be able to reduce/cancel your Licence Fee, emmy. ;)
Similar points to yours were raised Emmie this is the reply.

//Responding to that point in July, BBC director general Lord Hall compared BritBox with releasing a programme on DVD.//

Already launched in the US (2017 i believe) and Channels 4 and 5 are to join BBC and ITV later. As has already been said, at the moment the only programmes available are those we have already seen and are available on the catch up channels (Iplayer, All4, etc). Though i did hear that, like Netflix, the intention is to produce their own films, dramas, etc. As it's non contract, i could see myself giving it a whirl once these films/dramas are being aired. Cheaper than a visit to the cinema.
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6 quid a month, no ta..not when i pay the staggering sum that is the licence fee, if they scrap that i might consider it.
the beeb already own and operate Gold ands have for some time.
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woof, i know, but can't see me honestly paying for the BBC, apart from the licence fee.
Nobody's forcing you to sign many things, it's a choice. If people want to subscribe to watch repeat showings of old material, why not?
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i only mentioned it because of the BBC connection, hadn't heard of it till today.
Britbox is aimed primarily at viewers in other countries, not the UK.

The BBC iPlayer is not available outside the UK, so someone who has a house abroad could not legally watch their favourite BBC programmes when they are on holiday. A subscription to BritBox means you can now legally watch from anywhere in the world.
I think that because its an online, HD service, the Beeb can charge for it. It looks as if Channels 4 and 5, and Comedy Central are joining Britbox too.

I won't be.
ive already paid for the bbc, it should be free.
I found out about it from a James Veitch video on YouTube - he was hosting something and doing one of his sketches.

I looked it up and found it cost money - so that was a no from me.

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Anyone Hear About Britbox

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