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jobjockey | 09:53 Fri 01st Nov 2019 | Media & TV
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I call it that, because the Apprentice
you're fired has now become a silly camp
show, I don't watch the main show. But until
last night I did enjoyed this spin off.
One of my previous posts was seen as
homophobic , but Tom Allen is so far over
the top for most tastes.


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Not intended as homophobic as I quite like Joe Lycett, Graham Norton, Alan Carr etc, but i find Tom Allen spectacularly unfunny. Ruins Extra Slice for me.
He's OK in small doses. Not sure I could watch a whole show with him in.

Anyway. No likey. No watchey.
I love it and normally love him but I watched his stand up routine the other day but found it all a bit shouty but OK in 30 min slots
I like him but I haven't watched much of him. Mainly on panel shows.
Not funny imo. He spoils the extra bake off show for me, so I just fast forward when he's on.
Is it Tom Allen who does bake off?
The unfunniest man on Telly, as soon as I see his name on a show that’s a complete turn off for me!
He's a typical gay 'comedian', double entendres are his only way of trying to get a laugh

About as funny as haemorrhoids
He's homosexual? Who knew?

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The Tom Allen Show

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