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Tilly2 | 20:37 Mon 21st Oct 2019 | Film, Media & TV
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Perhaps it will make more sense. I was completely lost, last week.


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I've just started watching it Tiĺly and seen 3 episodes. I like it but agree it's a bit confusing. Especially the Cassie/Lexus business.
Lexie !!
Question Author
Having watched the second episode last night, all I can say is that it's not becoming any clearer. There are far too many characters in it, none of whom seem to relate to anyone else. It's so complicated, that it's boring to watch.
There are two stories more or less being shown concurrently and it is a bit mind boggling.
There is the current murder of Katy and the previous incident where Jamie (a girl) and Peter went missing. The third one Adam is as you know our hero detective Rob.
As faŕ as I can see it there were a gang of teenagers who used to hang around with Adam Jamie and Peter.
These now grown men include Katy's father.
The female detective also Has another personality Lexie and she and Rob both have something to hide.
You'd probably sussed all this already ! We'll see what tonight brings. I can follow these things better if I watch them in a batch and not week to week. Also if I record them I can rewind what I don't understand or can't see quickly enough. Good luck !
Rosie, the gang of teenagers may have hung around the same areas as the 3 younger kids, but not 'with' them. Not cool for a teenager to be seen hanging around kids much younger. Not back then, and certainly not nowadays:-/
Following my comments last week on suspecting the involvement in Katy's murder on a member of her family; watching older sister break down at the graveside leads me to believe she may have had a hand in it?
Yes I didn't mean actually with them. Just occasionally when the girl put make up on Jamie.
Katy's family is certainly odd - I think there might be some nasty business between Dad and Rosalinda. Perhaps there is more explanation in the books. Too heavily abridged?

I've not read the books though i believe the series is based on the first two - think there's six in total.
// Especially the Cassie/Lexus business.//
yeah she goes - they go like an inter-city train !
excuse me

Adam - was told by the adolescents to "go home" and the other two get deaded - all in 1985

Jamies watch has been found, so clearly her bod is still there somewhere.

the haunting scenes are done well - Adam ( Rob) sees the dog of Death and Lexie - well christ, everything ....

Lexie I think has caused the car to crash that kills her parents - and not the stuffed deer

I am not sure where the second lexie body has come from - I think it was churned out in the Georgian House the farm boy didnt search but went to the pub insteadd ...

and er yes we are getting the doo-man-day soon
when we will get the reason why Adam ( Bob that is!) has got memory loss - -- very very unusual for it to last 25 y
Who is the girl with the long hair that got attacked by 2 other girls and ended up in hospital with all her cut off?

May have to binge watch the whole thing again when its finished :/
She is Alannah:

Cassie and Rob respond to a murder at a convenience store.
They speak with a man, Cian, who has been identified by eyewitnesses from the scene. Cian (Killian Coyle) denies being involved and explains that he was with Alannah (Ericka Roe).Moments later, the investigators speak with Alannah. They tell her that Cian has placed the blame on her. Rob makes the woman cry before Cassie arrives with tissues and a drink. Alannah confesses that Cian left the flat and that she got rid of the knife for him.
Her name is Alannah. In the first episode under questioning by Reilly she admitted that her partner had committed the murder and robbery at the grocers and that she had disposed of the knife for him. It was his family (sisters?) who attacked her.

I am re-watching on I-player with the subtitles on so that I don’t miss the fast dialogue. It is making more sense now :-)
Thanks :o)

Is there a connection between Alannah and the other storyline involving the murdered girl, her father and what happened in the past?
I have given up!
No I don't think so, i think it was to show the characters and story development of the coppers. Rob bullied Allannah for the statement and Cassie knew, so what has happened to Alannah could be considered to be down to them, and her boyfriend criticised them both for it.
Ah, ok :o)

Maybe I will rewatch!
I don’t think there has been any connection made so far but I suspect there could be.

I could be way off the mark here but I wonder whether Sandra actually did go to England and have an abortion...
[email protected] think of that Toorak, quite possible.
I'm quite suspicious of Rob himself as it goes. Not necessarily for Katie's murder but here's still something not right.
There seems to be something developing between Rob and the sister of the murdered girl.
I wish I hadn't started watching this, it's so complicated. I'll have to stick with it now, just hope all is made clear by the end but all the characters and flashbacks are so confusing. I hadn't picked up half the stuff other posters have so this thread is helpful.

If you have time I would recommend watching it again because it does become clearer - you pick up lots of things that you missed or that didn’t seem relevant first time round. Subtitles help too with the fast dialogue.

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