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Bobbisox1 | 22:19 Sat 05th Oct 2019 | Media & TV
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But there’s just something not right about an ‘old’ lady on BGT the champions tonight, bless her she’s gasping for breath


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Has she just seen Simon ?
She is not forced to do it and she evidently loves dancing and it is lovely to see an 85 year old enjoying inspiration to other older people. Why on earth would anyone think it is 'just not right'??
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Only my opinion Mally and I doubt that counts for much anyway
Total admiration for the lady,but, she did look on her last legs. She had some horrified expressions. Maybe she should stick to gentle tea dances.
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I admired her too but I agree she did have some ‘anxious’ expressions ( for want of another word)
She did her best and I thought very athletic.
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TonyV, I just thought she appeared to struggle a bit with the expression on her face, I’d be well chuffed tho if I could move like her at 85
Yes Bobbi she was struggling but made it to the end with some grimaces.

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I Enjoy A Good Active Fun Filled Life

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