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thesshhh | 20:19 Sat 05th Oct 2019 | Media & TV
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Kelvin Fletcher is a trained and experienced dancer. What’s the point in having the likes of him on Strictly (I know there have been plenty before him) other than to show off?


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every blooming year you whige on about it - why do you bother to watch
To annoy you of course.
He was amazing , brilliant!
thesshhh get annoyed about a lot of things.
Anyone who went to drama school, or to drama classes, as Kelvin Fletcher did, could possibly be described as a 'trained and experienced dancer' (simply because dance normally forms part of the curriculum at such institutions). Are you therefore suggesting that all trained actors should be barred from competing in Strictly?

Further, Kelvin Fletcher was brought in as a last-minute replacement for Jamie Laing. It can't have been easy for Strictly's production team to find someone with sufficient dancing skills to compete (without much of the initial training that the other competitors had received by then) and who was sufficiently well-known to be recognised by the show's audience (but with several weeks free in his schedule to take part in the programme). Their choice will have been extremely limited!
Emma Barton's roles in West End musicals will have given her far more professional dancing experience than Kelvin Fletcher has had.

Michelle Visage worked with choreographers when she was a member of Seduction.

I'd always rather see untrained inexperienced dancers take a "journey", though i'm not a fan of that expression
Apparently he did ballet for a year when he was 8!!!! I did lots of things when I was 8 but couldn't for the life of me do them now!!

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