The Summer House ( Coronation Street)

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jobjockey | 09:24 Sat 05th Oct 2019 | Media & TV
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How does the squeaky clean Summer
manage in the flat with two such unsavoury
characters. I should imagine social services
should ger involved.


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Not necessarily, that’s accepted as norm now a child having two dads/ two mums ,instead of the mum & Dad scenario, it’s very acceptable now, anyway the Vicar is leaving to go on West End Shows, he has a fabulous voice, I wonder who’ll care for Summer then?
Anyone noticed that the Summer actress has changed? When did that happen?
She hasn't changed, Matilda Freeman has always played Summer.

I like Billy.
hc is right,same person
FF //Anyone noticed that the Summer actress has changed?//
She hasn't, she has grown up.
I like Billy and saw him in some Soaps got Talent she’s a good while back, he’s got a tremendous talent for the stage
so because they are homosexuals there unsavory? .enlighten me....
where is the "unsavory" part in this soap story as you put it
Just read he’s staying in the soap, he should grasp the opportunity to be on the West End I think

Thanks. she seemed different last week. The voice has changed a lot.
Also had highlights in her beautiful hair fender
Didn't know 'Billy' is leaving Corrie. Is he leaving for good Bobbi or just taking a break?
Sorry Bobbi, just saw your post to say he's staying. x
Question Author
I never mentioned any whiff of
homo sexuality, one a drunk and
the other an absent priest and former
drug addict, there seems to be enough
homo sexuals in the street though

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The Summer House ( Coronation Street)

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