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mjulian | 13:52 Tue 03rd Sep 2019 | Media & TV
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I'm probably being a bit dim but can anyone please explain the new Bahlsen biscuit advert - where a group of people are eating a biscuit and saying something along the lines of "I thought it was a Tuesday" and the next one says "It feels like a Wednesday", etc. and their index finger gets longer and longer? I keep watching it but cannot understand it!!!


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'They're a little bit Fancy' as in 'posh' hence the extended pinkie.

For the posh and confused it seems...
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Oh, many thanks - I was obviously trying to read far too much into what they were doing!!!
Glad if I helped.
posh and having fun
I like the afro mimicking the red-head and she repeats it only worse...

( rather than in real life- he would be smoking a spliff and she would throw her tea at him and then spit)

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Tv Ad - Bahlsen Biscuits

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