The Heat Of The Night

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vetuste_ennemi | 19:10 Fri 16th Aug 2019 | Media & TV
12 Answers on BBC2 tonight at 11.35


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If you haven't seen it give it a go.

I'm sure many of those who have (like me) will want to watch it again.
I watched it last night for about the 5th time. An excellent movie.
I have seen it a number if times, but not for a while. Looking forward to seeing it again.
I’m recording it.
the Sidney Poitier / Rod Steiger version ?
'They Call Me Mr Tibbs', a great film.
All set to record it; I’ve never seen it before.
T'is a great film, hellywelly.
Brilliant film. Thanks for the heads up.
I sorr it in Italian in 1967 and never really understood who dunnit and why
the guy chased by dogs down the embankment and confesses just comes on in the final 5 mins
or did I really never understand what went on ?
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I suggest that the film might have appeared a little - how do I put it? uninteresting? - to you, Peter, what with its being aimed obviously as a commercial film to attract a thicko audiene, and you just lost concentration.
yeah please go ahead

and that guy down the embankment chased by bloodhounds - how did they get onto him?

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The Heat Of The Night

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