2 Programs, Different Channels, Same Subject, Same Name!

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Tuvok | 22:13 Thu 01st Aug 2019 | Media & TV
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I've been watching Sewermen on Channel 5/5Spike

Tonight I spotted Sewer Men on STV!

At least Can't Pay and The Sheriffs are Coming had tottally different names!


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I think Sewer Men probably sounded better in the planning meeting than it has turned out on screen.

Once you have gawped at what raw sewage looks like, seen the gunk people put down toilets, and listened to the West Midlands humour of the men paid to deal with it, the novelty wears of in about two minutes.
Cannot stand these stomach churning programmes, definitely not ones to watch whilst eating (yuk)!
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Do you mean Sewer Men or Sewermen!!!!!!

I prefer the Channel 5 version - don't like the narrator of the STV/ITV one!
Speaking of voice-overs - I tried to watch a programme about troubles with car parking, but gave up with the woman narrating - she sounded like a cat sliding down a blackboard!
Andy //she sounded like a cat sliding down a blackboard!//

Maybe she was a bit spaced out! ;-)

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2 Programs, Different Channels, Same Subject, Same Name!

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