I Am Nicola

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Tilly2 | 17:33 Sun 28th Jul 2019 | Media & TV
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Just watched this riveting drama and found myself almost unable to breathe. Both Vicky McClure and Perry Fitzpatrick were outstanding.

Brilliant TV.


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I agree Tilly, I loved it.
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I'm still hyperventilating. :-(
I didn't enjoy it.

It was good acting but I felt on the edge of my seat expecting an outburst of violence.

Well written though as I suspect I wasn't the only one feeling like that.
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No, I can't say I enjoyed it, Ummmm, but it certainly held my attention.
Showed how easy it is to manipulate people.
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Yes, it did and how people try to hide what's actually happening to them.
At least she knew she was being manipulated. I bet many don't when it's subtly done.
It was good. Looking forward to next episode.
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...'but I love him' is the usual non-escape clause...
Not another Scottish political documentary ?
Excellent acting. It’s great that psychological abuse is also highlighted with physical abuse. I kept thinking he was going to hit her,,,,,, but, he didn’t need to .
I thought he was going to hit her too.
Didn’t watch it - what’s it about?
There's a link in the OP Smow.
Oops missed that!
Wow! I loved that. Vicky McClure is beautiful and brilliant.
"There isn’t much in the way of plot. This is, above all, a mood piece. As with life, there is no dramatic or Damascene moment for Nicola – just a cumulative pressure, a coded message from a friend, a gradual admission that the scales of happiness are unignorably tipped. There is no neat resolution, but when Nicola finally leaves to spend a night at her mum’s (she had intended to leave for good, but Adam hints at suicide, so it is whittled down to a week and then a bare 24 hours), we see her walk across the family garden and smile. From the grin alone we may infer liberation.

If you see yourself in any of it, listen to the alarm bells. When did you last smile freely?".

When I got to the final paragraph, Grauniad.

I heard those alarm bells.
I've seen many bad relationships, CloverJo, and feel very lucky that I've had two marvellous partners. Better than I deserve, perhaps.

I'm sorry that you've had a bad experience. I hope that it's subsequently turned out well for you.
I enjoyed it but was expecting the plot to thicken in an episode 2. Apparently there isn’t one.

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