Brexit Program On Panorama

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vetuste_ennemi | 03:56 Fri 19th Jul 2019 | Media & TV
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Surprisingly the BBC reveals both the incompetence of the May administration and the malevolence of the EU.

How did that slip under the radar?


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It did ? Really ?
I tend to avoid TV programme views on Brexit these days due to it's inevitable remain stance doom & gloom spreading, so didn't see it.
It's on iPlayer. Interesting hearing all the views, but I still think the EU are being dishonest in their description of the situations and their intentions/stance. They don't have any good reason to be saying that it's their way or nothing, no excuse for demanding we remain under their control whilst pretending it's the only managed way out.

May clearly acts tough initially and then just caves in when faced with EU demands. Brexit does mean Britain exiting. A lack of a deal being better than a bad deal is a truism.

There is no, "What sort of Brexit do we want", there is just one exit, whether it's done gracefully with a deal or forced to do so suddenly because one side insists it has to be difficult and insists the EU retains control, and then there's various flavours of not exiting.

The sooner we bite the bullet and go the sooner one can start managing the issues, the sooner all confusion ends and the sooner we can get things sorted and at the position we voted for, in control of our own destiny.

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Brexit Program On Panorama

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