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vetuste_ennemi | 01:32 Fri 19th Jul 2019 | Media & TV
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...ends in a whimper rather than a bang.

And betrays earlier integrity by indulging in what Freddy Ayer (in his criticism of moral propositions as unverifiable) "flag-waving".


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apart from the awful end song by the group "quiet man" and the not so funny "grease sketches " it was ok. no a fan of Morgan but he was very good last night. will miss the show but Niel is calling his chairmanship a day,he is 70,
Thought it was lame and stupid in parts. A shame.
is that language troof and logic ?
where does he say that? - I am trying to digest it for someone at uni and making heavy weather. Not a page turner

whilst you are at it- can you explain why he AJA says that tautologies in sentence logic are 'useless' ? I would have thought it was a necessary condition to avoid falsity creeping in unnoticed in an argument ....
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//s that language troof and logic ? //

I don't know if the phrase is in the book, although the argument that moral propositions are statements of feelimgs and not factual is. I heard his using the phrase on TV interview. Come to think about it I think the actual word was "banner-waving".
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Can't remember th program... Wonder if it was one of two series on modern "thinkers". Some of you may have watched them.. One was a series presented (very poorly) by Peter Jay (yes, that one) and the other (very well) by the professional philosopher Bryan Magee.

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