Roy Orbison

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Caran | 01:25 Sat 13th Jul 2019 | Media & TV
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Just watching his black and white night recorded from BBC4 earlier. Brilliant programme., seen it many times before, still enjoy it.


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Great artiste, worth watching more than once.
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Seen this one umpteen times, still enjoy it.
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Ooooh he has just done Pretty Woman.
He was an amazingly emotional performer.

He managed to take all the pain of his personal grief - he lost his wife in a motorcycle accident, and two sons in a house fire - and channel it into his vocals.

A sad loss to music.
Ive always loved Roy Orbison. I was truly shocked when I saw he is buried in an unmarked grave. He deserved so much more.
I enjoyed it too even tho I have seen it a few times. Did you notice KDLang as his backing singer.
An amazing artist who had a bit of a tragic life, I went to to see the Big O, a theatre adaptation of his life,a guy from Canada took the lead role,he was brilliant too but only Orbison could hit that octave
His Grave is unmarked because if it had his name, it would be overwhelmed by 'Fans', and souvenier hunters stealing bits of it !
When we stood by where he was buried we were told his grave is unmarked because of a dispute with his family and they just hadnt got round to marking his grave.
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I saw him in concert a few times. He was a brilliant performer. What was very noticeable was he never spoke between songs. Just went straight into the next song.
My sister a singer, worked with him. Unfortunately he was not in the best of health then.

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Roy Orbison

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