Shopping With Keith Lemon

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jobjockey | 06:31 Tue 25th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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What a complete load of rubbish, I was having a flick
through the channels on Saturday night and came across
this how can anyone find this amusing? If I was sitting in a pub
and a couple of yobs sat next and came out with a conversation
like this, \i would quickly move. Utter rubbish.


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I can't stand him and do not find him minutely amusing.
Watched briefly, then gave up - dire !
I thought it was a typical Keith lemon show. It was OK. Nothing worse than the others. In fact it was made more interesting by the reality of the show.
I'm most definitely not a fan of his, just watched a clip or two - comical is about it.
It's certainly a niche audience
Could never watch anything he's in
I like Through the Keyhole, but only because I like seeing how other people live and I like to try and guess !
I think he is dire. I would never watch anything he is on. I think he is an idiot and very unfunny.
What a complete load of rubbish = Keith Lemon.
I so agree with you job jockey, along with ......
and tonyav.

What a lot of sensible ABers we have on here tonight!
Going with the majority. Can't stand him. Won't watch anything that includes him. I also find him quite repulsive!
He gets paid for such rubbish, someone somewhere thinks he’s worth promoting. Personally I would not employ him as a toilet cleaner. I have no shame, just gimme fame. I wonder if that’s embroidered on his nighties.
I’m so pleased i missed it, I think he’s from Leeds... enough said
I am not a fan, so I don't watch him.
He ruined Through the Keyhole. Unwatchable with him.
I honestly don’t understand why folks find him funny
Bo' Selecta had some funny moments..
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Nellie May, you have the exact word

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Shopping With Keith Lemon

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