Dark Angel, Virgin Tv Mucking About

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bainbrig | 14:47 Sat 22nd Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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Recorded episode 1 of Dark Angel earlier in June, looking now for episode 2. Virgin (through 'Catch Up/Search modes' are cagey, and talk about 'upgrading my TV', which sounds like paying money for something!

Anyone know what they're up to?




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Don’t know about that but watched s2 on YouTube.
Do you mean the ITV two parter starring Joanne Froggatt or the old US series?
Question Author
The ITV version.
As far as I can tell it's not Virgin mucking about. The series was first aired in 2016 and was repeated in June but ITV has not put it on their Hub for watching 'on demand'. Currently Amazon Prime is showing it for £3.99 an episode so Virgin possibly don't have the option to show it 'on demand'.

YouTube seems your best bet for free viewing.

Question Author
The mucking about is that Virgin broadcast Episode 1 in June 2019, and any reasonable person would expect them to broadcast Episode 2!

Otherwise it starts to smack of sharp practice.

How did you watch episode 1? Was it on Virgin 'On Demand'?
I've just checked my own Virgin On Demand and both episodes are there.
how odd, i know i saw it in a tv mag recently?
Question Author
No, we're not an 'on demand' user. We just look at the day's TV listings, say, 'Oh, that seems worth watching', and usually bookmark it, so that it'll be in 'My shows' later. Did that with first episode, expected to see second one turn up.

You recorded a live show and missed the second episode. As I don't know what service you are subscribed to with Virgin I don't know why you can't access episode 2 'On Demand'.

I've got Full House tv if that helps.
You must have missed it on 7th Nov
Ignore that.
I can see both episodes, but only via the manual character input search; both episodes are part of my package, but may not be part of yours (dependent on contract)
Question Author
This is what the TV/Broadband that I pay for.

Television: Fun TV (L)
1 Additional TV Box
TiVo Monthly Fee

Broadband: VIVID 50

No idea what it means (except that normally it all works nicely).

Have you checked the ITV Hub?
Question Author
Danny: No, we tend to 'go through' Virgin, through Catch up, etc. You reckon it's worth logging in to the ITV Hub separately to see if it's there?

i did a search for it on itv hub but nothing came up?
You can go through Virgin. Press the Home button on your remote. scroll down to aps & games then select all apps. The ITV hub is No 3 in the top row.
Question Author
Thanks danny, but as aelmpvw pointed out, it ain't on ITV Hub!

Just double-checking, and (a) the Episode 1 we recorded was ordinary ITV, 11th June, first broadcast 10/16. I have found Episode 2 through Virgin Catch-up, but when I hit the Play button it changes to 'subscribe', and then takes me to a 'Sales' screen listing an 0800 phone number to ring so that I can 'Upgrade my TV'.
(b) I've seen a 2nd hand DVD on ebay for two quid, which I'm about to buy, as it seems the easiest answer.

I don't want to 'upgrade my TV', whatever that means (well, I know that it'll mean me giving Virgin even more each month), so two quid sounds a cheap solution.


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Dark Angel, Virgin Tv Mucking About

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