Dark Angel, Virgin Tv Mucking About

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bainbrig | 14:47 Sat 22nd Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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Recorded episode 1 of Dark Angel earlier in June, looking now for episode 2. Virgin (through 'Catch Up/Search modes' are cagey, and talk about 'upgrading my TV', which sounds like paying money for something!

Anyone know what they're up to?




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Mrs B (always more resilient than me) phoned the 0800 Virgin number and asked why they had broadcast Episode 1 and not 2.

A technical fault...

They'd tried to 'get' Episode 2 (from where?) but the signal failed, so they had to forget it. (I kid you not).

Did we want to be put through to Sales to upgrade our TV package?

A) could we then see Episode 2?

No, but if it ever comes available, you could. Probably.

A) Thanks and goodbye.

I know it's a bit late to answer but I recorded both episodes on 11th and 18th June on my Virgin Media V6 box. I've already watched episode one and after reading this thread just put on episode 2, I haven't watched it but it is there. It would appear that Virgin Media told your wife an absolutely lie.

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Dark Angel, Virgin Tv Mucking About

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